The Online Dating Inbox!

One of the things I love about online dating are some of the very brave emails you receive. While I’m much more inclined to wink away, I give major props to the guys who send an email to say hello. I have, however, received some emails interesting emails over the years as well.

One guy sent me an email telling me what a bitch I was for only looking for a Caucasian “match.” As you know on you are looking for your “match.” I kinda like geeky, athletic, white guys. Don’t get me wrong, I find men of many ethnicities hot, but I have decided that someone who is a mix of Ted, Barney and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother on CBS!) to be perfect for me.

As you know, online, the email is your first impression. So, the introductory email can be a bit scary!

Here’s one that I received recently.


I hope you are fine and doing well, I look at your profile and really sound interested you look so pure I mean your look show that you have pure soul with lots of attractive in your appearance. If you are interested to know each other I would be so lucky really. I am new here in the area and would like to start new valuable serious strong friendship and let’s see what can be there further….. whatever it was the kind of relation we may start it I hope it never be out the respectable and valuable relation which may create a very strong great relation or if no way at least let a wonderful memory stay till forever each one feel he/she add something useful to the other one. All I hope whatever it was even if it did not go further than this email I hope I let at least a nice trace.”

huh? First impression? Ummm…, but an A for effort?

So, what should you say in your first email to a stranger that you’re hoping will become more? This is your once chance and you don’t want to mess up.

In the past few months I’ve gotten a lot of “UR CUTE. EMAIL ME BACK.” and “You look like fun, wanna chat?” Is that their blanket “what’s your sign?” line or are they being serious? So, now that I’m 30 and only men 45+ seem to be checking me out I’m going to be bold and start sending some emails of my own. I’ll keep you posted!

Later this week I’ll be posting the “If I wanted a girlfriend, I would’ve reached out to someone hotter” story. Oh yes, these stories are TRUE. 🙂

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