UPDATE! Blackberry Messenger is NOT an OK form of communication

UPDATE from Tall Guy. 6 weeks passed. I’m beyond OVER IT. But, apparently Tall Guy is not. So, during a relaxing night of Gossip Girl and trying to find the real-life Ted from How I Met Your Mother, I get a message via Facebook. “Friend Request: Tall Guy”

Seriously? You can’t talk to me over the phone, but you want to be Facebook friends? Um, no. So, I ignore. A fews days later the texting begins…
Tall Guy: Do u not want to be my facebook friend 🙁 ?
Me: Nope. Look? You have my number. You can always CALL and ask me out. (yes, I know I’m being kinda lame here, but honestly. This is getting to be ridiculous.)
Tall Guy: I want to see you again.
Me: Then, pick up the phone, call me, and ask me out. I’m around next week.
Tall Guy: Ok! 🙂
Yes, smiley face turned around in that convo! Go me!
A WEEK later… now, I’m just effing with him. I’m not desperate and don’t need to go out with someone who obviously isn’t into me. This is beyond annoying. When someone likes you they call. I’m not 15 anymore and I have a cell. It’s not like he has to worry about my dad answering.
Me: Shocker, you didn’t call.
Tall Guy (seconds later): Here’s the deal: I’m attracted to u – and want to see u again. So, I will call u. Right now I’m at the gym. But if u will give me another chance…
Me: One more chance, don’t eff it up.
Update: It’s been another 2 weeks. No call. Ah, the life of dating. Girls, I know you’re jealous.

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