March Madness! (2 new guys, my March soundtrack & more!)

So… the month has already started off with a bang!  (If only I was being literal!)

To bring you up to speed…

Work guy:  A few weeks ago I met Work Guy.  We met at a conference in January.  He is gorgeous, successful, (he makes my dream guy seem like a troll), and emailed me about meeting for work.  We got drinks, which turned into dinner, which turned into four hours of the best “date” I’ve had in years.  We talked about everything from work to life to… his girlfriend.  That’s right.  I finally just asked if he had a girlfriend and got back a… “yup.”  Now, this “work date” was completely inappropriate for a number of reasons.  1. We were drinking and hanging out in his office after hours.  2. It was amazing 3. He has a girlfriend.

So, I, of course, as a confused singleton,  bounced this “work date” off of all of my guy friends who all came to the same conclusion… he is over his girlfriend.

If only life were that simple!  In an effort to keep things “work related” I have kept all communication about work, but haven’t heard much back.  I’m not one to break up a relationship, but haven’t felt a spark with someone like I did with him in years.  So… I wait and now, you can wait with me!  If I don’t hear anything back in a few weeks, I think I might just throw it all out there on the table and see what happens.

The unfortunate part of this whole thing is that I’m really digging on this guy.  I get butterflies when I think about him… I feel like those damn werewolves in Twilight when they imprint on someone!

UPDATE:  I didn’t do anything… I thought about it a lot and don’t want someone who isn’t available.  And… just found out he just got engaged.  If anything, I feel bad for his fiance.  I wouldn’t want my fiance flirting with other women.   So my lesson?  Trust your gut and remember that karma is a bitch.

Text Guy:  If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning, you know how I feel about texting.  I’m all for sexting, but think texting should be left to short, little, nice notes, not the sole form of communication.  But… a guy I went out with a few times a few years ago was on Match, so I decided to reach out.    Here’s some info about him… so, I emailed him and told him he should call me.  Haha!  What a dipshit I am, when I know he hates the phone!  So, I emailed him back and said, “I’m retarded.  I know you hate the phone… text me anytime.”  Five minutes later my phone was buzzing… we’ve been texting for about a week now.  Will we ever get a drink?  You’ll be the first to know.

That’s how my month is starting… and in honor of a new month, I have a new theme song to my life!  This month I’m going with Undiscovered by James Morrison.  Listen to the lyrics and you’ll get how I’m feeling…


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    DO NOT “just throw it all out there on the table and see what happens” with Work Guy. You do not know the intricacies of anyone’s relationship. If he is, in fact, over his girlfriend, like your friends think, then let him be honorable in dealing with that. You wouldn’t want a guy with a girlfriend anyway! Also, just because there’s a spark doesn’t mean that you guys would be compatible AT ALL. Do not confuse chemistry with compatibility. The number one requirement you should have for a man is “Available!” This one is not. If he doesn’t change that, you should move on. Please please please don’t embarrass yourself and him or set yourself up to be the other woman or the one who breaks up his relationship. You deserve a guy who is available to you and not in a relationship with someone else.

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