Wanna “Review” Your Date? There’s an App for That!

I recently read a couple of articles about a new(ish) app called Lulu.  I’m going to tell you a little about how it works and interject my thoughts throughout.

Per the site: ” We created Lulu to unleash the value of girl talk and to empower girls to make smarter decisions on topics ranging from relationships to beauty and health.”
Me: Um, no. This line is bullshit. All this site does is allow girls to rate guys they have dated, hooked up with, are crushing on, or are friends with. I have yet to find a place on there where I can talk about beauty and health. PS. If I want to do that I’ll call a gf and/or do that in person.

Site: “Lulu is a private network for girls to express and share their opinions openly and honestly. In our first iteration, Lulu is a private app for girls to read and create reviews of guys they know.”
Me: YES! Mostly angry girls! 🙂

Site: “Who can see the reviews? Girls can only see and create reviews of their male Facebook friends.
If guys don’t want to be seen by their friends on Lulu, we take them off immediately via the button at the bottom of this page.”
Me: Yes and No. A good friend of mine had a shitty review from some lame girl. I screen grabbed it and sent it to him. Every girl has a spy – let’s be real.

Site: “How do I know if I’m on Lulu? Ask a girl friend with Lulu to look you up. You can also see if you’re on Lulu – and how you’re doing on Lulu! – if you download the app and check out My Stats.”
Me: The only guy that is going to care is 19. Maybe that’s the sweet spot for this app, but I had a great time reading the reviews on my last tinder date. (The one I cooked for and never heard from again after date 3.)

Like everything else, this app is attached to Facebook. Yet, another reason we should all delete our profiles NOW.

Site: “How does Lulu use Facebook? Lulu uses Facebook for a quick identity check, to find your friends, and make signing up for Lulu super easy. Lulu always respects your Facebook privacy settings.”

Site: “What can guys do on Lulu? Get discovered by more than one million girls! Guys can add photos to their Lulu profiles, edit information such as relationship status, and add hashtags to describe yourself, such as #GrillMaster or #Sporty, which girls can see as they browse through Lulu. Guys also get sex and relationship advice from girls they know through our anonymous Sex Ed polls.”
Me: Guys, are you REALLY going to take the time to do this? Come on.

Site: “How does Lulu protect guys against abuse? We built Lulu to be a safe and positive place for girls and guys. We’ve built a number of protections into the product, including: Our reviews are multiple choice. Unlike Yelp, girls can’t write in their own comments. Agree and disagree buttons let girls weigh in on the accuracy of each review. Lulu is friends only. Guys can only be seen and reviewed by their female Facebook friends. Lulu is 17+. We are not for children or young teens. We check the age of all users via Facebook and block anyone under 17.”
ME: NOT TRUE! I’m not fb friends with my recent hook-up, but I reviewed him just fine!

Now, they have gotten a ton of press and I think have a very cool concept going, but it has some fundamental issues.
1. The app itself seems like it is for a young audience. The “quizzes,” language, etc. are very high school.
2. Even as a friend you can’t update someone’s status. One of my hottest guys friends in on there, been viewed thousands of times and is VERY happily married to his equally hot husband. There has to be a way that users can update when they know people are married, taken, divorced, etc.
3. There needs to be more of a “yelp” component. If you are truly reviewing someone you need more than a couple of hashtags to describe your experience.

The one thing I liked besides being anonymous? When I checked out the guy I had just dated, his reviews were exactly what I would have written. It made me feel better that I wasn’t alone in the matter and that he really is an asshole.  I know I shouldn’t feel good about this, but I do!

Here’s what his “review” looked like:

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 3.09.06 PM

I was definitely not as nice as this review!

So, guys and girls – thoughts on this? Check it out and lemme know what you think!

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  1. There is another app for reviewing people. It is Reput.
    Reput is open to both genders and allows its users to express themselves freely, not limited to choosing from a bunch of artificial hashtags.
    Reput concern us all. Reput is the social network you are already a part of

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