For The Love of Lube!

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I have a new love… and it goes by the name of Lube. Yes, LUBE.

As you guys know, I’m a safety girl all the way. Recently I started following Lucky Bloke: Condoms (@TheLuckyBloke) on Twitter and they have changed my sex life! In past posts I’ve written that I’m a fan of lube, but I had no idea what was really out there.  The last few years I had used a brand that you can pick up at your nearest drugstore, but let me tell you… Lucky Bloke’s lube and condom samplers make for a VERY fun weekend (and more!) with a loved one.

Over the past few months I have been dating someone who lives on the opposite side of the country. So, when we see each other it’s definitely go time! Thank God he’s open to trying new things and is all for incorporating lube into our romps.

In the past I’ve had this be an issue. I don’t have any problems “down there.” I don’t need lube, but once you’ve tried it you know it’s a great enhancement to what’s already going on. Kind-of like wearing lingerie, it just adds to the pleasure of your experience. Also, once you learn more about these AMAZING super thin condoms Lucky Bloke has to offer, you’ll be jumping on the lube band wagon (lube is really necessary for super thin condoms to ensure against breakage.)

Here’s what was sent my way:

Lube Sampler and Flavored Lube SamplerIMG_5469

Standard Condom Sampler

Now, I did not try everything here, but did find some new favorites!

Lube: I used to use Pink Water lube. I’m not gonna lie, it’s great. It’s designed for women, readily available and doesn’t make a mess. BUT, the Lucky Bloke lube sampler had some game changers. Me and my man really liked Sliquid Sea and Sliquid H2O. No mess (meaning it did not leave an oily residue on us or the sheets! Many glycerin and silicone based products can wreak havoc on your linens.) and it never got sticky! Often a lube can start to get “sticky” after a while.  I did not like uberlube. The silicone in it made a mess and I hate messes!

Now, onto flavored lube! Ok, so I’m a foodie and kind-of a snob when it comes to how things taste… especially when you’re adding a flavor to a person!  Some guys can get offended that you want them to taste different and other guys don’t care at all. So don’t forget to ask and if you’re not that kinda girl… just be sexy about it and sneak it in! Again, it will only make things more fun!

I’ve never tried flavored lube before and was super nervous that everything was going to be super sweet or taste like chemicals. Boy, was I wrong! I tried the Sliquid Swirl in Strawberry Pomegranate and Cherry Vanilla and Encounter Delicious in Peach. I have to report back with two thumbs up. All of the flavors kind-of tasted like candy and weren’t overpowering. None of them had a chemical taste or after taste. Why hadn’t I tried this sooner?

The condom sampler was just as fun! Lucky Bloke offers several different samplers to choose from. They include smaller fit, standard/medium (50+% of men fit in this group), larger fit, find your size, Japanese ultrathin, non-latex, flavored, ultrathin, pleasure shaped, and textured.  That’s a LOT of condoms to choose from!  Almost all of the condoms were from companies I had never heard of before… Okamoto, One, Glyde, Skyn, Profil/Magic, Crown, etc.  Hands down the Okamoto 004 Almost Nothing condoms are the best of the bunch. Put on this condom with a little bit of lube and it literally feels like there is NOTHING there. And I’m not the only one who thought so!

Side note: ** THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I reached out to this company myself and was thrilled with their product quality, selection and amazing customer service.

If you want to pick up a sampler for yourself, go to Lucky Bloke! And because I want you to lube it up and practice safe sex too use the code MATCH for 20% off! 

Now, that my love of lube has consumed you, please take a minute to read this too:

Did you know that condoms ads aren’t legal on Twitter?  Really. Online dating apps can promote themselves in helping you get laid, but no one can advertise to you that you should bring condoms on that online date. That’s crazy. There are thousands of dating bloggers, sex experts and everyday people who want to get laid who are all tweeting away. Shouldn’t we know about the latest condom trends?

There are a couple of things you can do to help change this!

SIGNING: a petition asking Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo to remove stigmatizing and harmful restrictions on condom advertising.

TWEETING: @twitter / @twitterads / @DickC (Twitter’s CEO)
with the campaign hashtag: #Tweet4Condoms

SHARING: campaign images on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. #Tweet4Condoms​

Here’s to lots of safe sex this summer! Less clothes, tanned skin… come on, you know you want to. Be safe and lube up! xoxo


  1. Baum – chicka – bow wowwwwwww!!!!!! Emily we missed ya! Weren’t you promising some blogs recently – we get a review on slip and slide products? Without any details? C’mon man that’s too much of a tease. Gotta give SOMETHING to your public besides “it’s go time.” Safe sex always baby – the lube is especially helpful for those times when the back porch is open for bizness. I’m gonna try this Lucky Bloke stuff, but let’s not bullshit ourselves, luck has nothing to do with it. How about regaling us with some of the ups and downs of what’s been going on with you lately. You’ve been holding back on us! Is NYC in your future? BTW, I saw some CNN thing the other day…could there be a more perfect woman than Rachel Crane right now? You’re a media type, thought you might know something about her other than how freakin hot she is.

    1. No, NO NYC is my future. Trying to work on the blog now, but between tears, anger and getting a new STD test I’m having a little trouble getting it all down. Don’t worry, I will try to post soon. It’s like I’m living in a fucking lifetime movie.

      BUT, you should definitely try Lucky Bloke out. Great company and amazing products.

    2. Instead, the post is aimed at outlining which blogs I think people ought to be reading if they want to keep up with the state of the English language Russia blogs today.Right.And as I said, just as I wouldn’t refer someone to a KKK forum to keep up on the state of African-American blogs, I would never refer anyone to LR’s searingly hate-filled blog.If you think anyone … any rational person seeking to be informed on the topic of Russia (history, politics, culture, current events) … should be reading LR, then I really have misjudged you.

  2. Sorry E-mac – didn’t see your tweets until after. Not sure if I can erase comment. Wish you the best…when you have some clarity, this will be one hell of a story to blog about. PFC’s shoulders are broad should you need one or two to cry on. You’re a hottie and will undoubtedly have someone new to play Lucky Bloke twister with and to chase you around the room with a dildo. Keep your chin up and keep smiling.

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