Soundtrack To My Life… Done, 15 Minutes of Shame, Be My Forever

It’s August and I’m getting all of my ex-bf angst out of the way!  A couple of songs I’m loving right now…

We are Done by the Madden Brothers. I adore them both.

Yeah, this blog is about you… 15 Minutes of Shame by Kristy Lee Cook (an oldie, but goodie!)

Best lyrics ever? Um, yes.

Yeah, this song is about you
I’m giving you more than fair warnin’ right now on your radio
Everybody’s gonna hear all the things that you did
That you don’t want the world to know

I’m spillin’ the beans, I’m shouttin’ it out
Yeah, you’re gonna be sorry now

Every single lie you told, I’m tellin’
Every promise that you broke, I’m rattin’ you out
Every girl in the world’s gonna know your name
And I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of shame

Hey, you’re lookin’ nervous
Now that your double talkin’ has caught back up with you
Stick to your alibi
Don’t try to deny it when I reveal the truth

Sure you’re pretty good at workin’ a line
But it’s all just a matter of time

Shame, shame, shame on you
Look who’s lookin’ like a fool now
Blame, blame, blame yourself
Won’t be foolin’ no one else anymore

And finally a song that is about true love that gives me hope.  I LOVE it!

Sending lots of x’s and o’s out there for a great rest of your summer! xoxo

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