When A Girl Finds Out Her BF is on Match…

So, apparently I have no cheater filter. I’m even attracted to them online.

Last week I posted some of the gems I was receiving from men through Match and OkCupid. I mentioned that I had talked to 2 seemingly normal guys and that there was one guy and I messaged back and forth a couple of time and then all of a sudden his profile was hidden… well, tonight “he” responded!

Match Cheater 2

Weird, right? So, I go to his now no longer hidden profile…


Obviously, pissed off and cheated on GF has logged into his account and taken matters into her own hands. (At this point I can’t stop laughing and have already texted this all to A. We are not alone!)

Match cheater 1

So boys, a lesson to you all… don’t cheat on us. A woman scorned is a BAD thing to have to deal with.

Ladies… lets make this go viral. Post, RT, and share away! xoxo


  1. Ok here we go…..women on Match.com
    1) very often russian guys running scams & getting their GFs to supply photos (which is why the men get suspicious & cranky)
    2) Maybe women but still think they are 19 years old (despite being 50) and think that, despite having laughter lines and slack underarms, they can still play the stupid games they used to play
    3) think the guys have to do all the work
    4) think it’s ok to ignore carefully written personal messages
    5) think its ok to just wind a guy up for a free evening out (see teen games)
    6) think its ok to ignore follow up messages after a date rather than say “sorry, it isn’t going to work” (there you go ladies – not “girls” you are adults for chr*sts sake – you can copy & past that)

    1. Edward – I hear ya! I agree with almost everything on here.
      1. Um, I dunno know about the whole Russian guy thing… come on.
      2. To each is their own. Don’t let women play games with you! Be straight forward and maybe they will be too. Ps. Laugh lines can be really sexy. It’s a sign of happiness.
      3. So, not true! Do you know how much work goes into our looks for a 1st date. It’s a huge expensive pain in the ass.
      4. I always try to respond to everyone who reaches out (although that has bit me in the ass several times!).
      5. Always only get a drink on a 1st date – no need to waste money on dinner for me. I might not like you either!
      6. Never ignore post date messages. Either I liked you and want to go out again or didn’t and tell you we’re not a match, but thanks for meeting up anyways!

      So… keep at it and don’t let anyone take advantage of you!

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