The Other Woman: Part 6 – 3 vs 1


(Yup, I’m still Kate Upton in all of this!)

Are you caught up? Make sure to read Parts 1-5 first!

The days after LDC’s world came crashing down on him were horrible for everyone involved. The girls and I talked a lot – comparing timelines, sending emails, etc. LDC was an obvious disaster and because he now had NO ONE to turn to, he turned to me. (Yet, another red flag… NO FRIENDS!) I know that our relationship was based on a friendship at the core, but come on… after cheating on someone and getting caught in the act (more than once) would you really think any of these women are going to be there for you and your broken heart?

I felt like I owed A & B for saving me what could have been a lot more pain. I’m not going to lie… if they hadn’t contacted me I’m confident that he would have said things just didn’t work out with B and that he wanted to give our relationship another try. And, to be honest, I probably would have let that happen. But, now I knew everything and had the friend card in my back pocket in case it needed to be played. I knew LDC had no one to talk to and I would be the one he would call… and he did. A LOT.

At one point he was spilling his guts to me about his family’s response to this whole situation (what they knew from him… which we all know is bullshit and the little that A had told LDC’s mom) and I was texting A the entire convo as it was happening. It felt good that I could share this information with her and try to give her some feedback, closure – whatever it is she needed. 

The summer was hard. There were many times when I actually thought I might be able to be friends with LDC. He’d message and call me and it felt good to know he was thinking about me. Again, with our relationship being based mainly on communication, a lot of the time it felt like nothing had really changed. But at the same time I now knew he was lying and manipulating me and our situation. New girls were commenting on his fb and instagram posts. I know he can’t be alone and that he can’t go more than a week fucking someone, so I knew in my gut he had moved on and this “woe is me” story was all a lie too.

A & B were my rocks throughout this whole situation. I felt bad. They had endured this insanity for years. I had only experienced it for a few months. But, in the end, it was amazing that we had each other. Telling my friends this story just made me feel more stupid. How could I have gotten caught up in so much drama? Why didn’t I bail when I saw the red flags? How could I have been so easily manipulated? With A & B I wasn’t alone. I had two other extremely intelligent and beautiful women to commiserate with. Every time LDC tried to suck me back in they were there to remind me to not let that happen.

This brings me to today… this story has been getting a lot of attention. A lot of people have been reading about what a sociopath LDC is and everyone (for the most part!) has been extremely supportive. All I can really say is thank you! Thank you for being so amazing and allowing me to tell my story. I’ve thought about it a lot, have been writing a ton, and think I might turn this into a book. Just think… these posts are just the cliff notes. Would you want to read about the details? Do you want to know what happens to LDC and the court case with Sarah? Do you want to hear about the girls night out A, B and I have in New York? Do you want to read about when I played my friend card and what happened when I finally unfriended and blocked LDC from everything?

I’m hoping the answer is yes! So, I’m going to keep writing. And writing. And writing. And transcribing all the fucked up fb, gchat, and text conversations we had over our relationship. I have some really exciting things planned for 2015. Did you know my real name isn’t Emily? Yup… 2015 might be a big year for us all. Thoughts?

Ps. A & B saw LDC on OkCupid. Ladies of New York beware.


  1. Hey, E-Mac! Ya, we know that’s not Ur true name – can’t give away Ur real identity or U’d be stalked, for sure. Sign me up for the deets! All Ur fans could benefit from the hindsight of Ur experience. Sharing is caring, gimme gimme more!

    1. Working on a bunch of blogs now and sitting down and getting ALL of the details down for a potential book. We’ll see! Will definitely keep you all posted!

  2. I have read the whole story and it sounds so fake, like honestly if you´d like to turn that into a book you have a million years of work to do because it currently sucks

  3. Hi Em-Mac, I loved reading this whole dating blog about LDC. I disagree with all the negative posts. I enjoyed reading it mainly because I could see myself in a similar situation because when you are happy it really is a powerful drug that takes control of your life. I am happy you are doing better and would love if this did, in fact, turn into a book/novel. I would definitely buy it. Thank you for sharing so others can possibly not make the same mistakes, but men can be pos so you never know. Good luck and have a great year.

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