Online Dating: New York Vs Los Angeles

I went to New York last month for both work and fun. The work part was crazy. I was booked solid, but I made time to finally to do all of the things in New York I had been wanting to do. I went to the 9/11 Memorial (amazing), checked out Grand Central Station, and even hit up a Broadway play solo. While I was there, I obviously needed to dabble in the online dating scene as well!

I landed on a Tuesday night and opened up OkCupid on the cab ride over. I wanted to see what New York had to offer a single woman in her 30s. The answer is A LOT.  Now, I’m a moron and decided to pay for the lameness that is OkCupid for 6 months to see if it would make a difference in matches. It doesn’t, but you can search anonymously and you can see who “likes” you in their “quick match section copied directly from Tinder.”

Note: In the week prior to going to New York about 40 people had “liked” me while I was at home in Los Angeles.

I reopened the app Tuesday around 11:30pm after I had gotten home from dinner and my jaw hit the floor. 394 men had “liked” me.  Say what?? 394!!!  It was more than I could handle. I had 16 messages (25% isn’t bad!). The thought of going to sleep with all of these unread messages stressed me out.  While I am never dating someone who doesn’t live within driving distance again, I was loving all of the attention!

So, instead of checking my email or FB one last time and hitting the hay, I was up for the next 2 hours reading messages and looking at profiles. I’ve got to give credit where it is due… Men of New York, you are bold! You say what you want and you go after it! I got a lot of “you’re cute! Time for a drink while you’re in NYC?”  Many of them had even read my profile and commented about something I wrote in their messages to me. MIND. BLOWN.

During my 5 days in New York I had nearly 1500 “likes” and 52  messages. The following week I returned to LA and got 16 “likes” in one week and the following messages:

(Spelling and grammar preserved for your reading enjoyment! I swear to you these are all 100% real.)

Guy 1: Hi there. Mike
Guy 2: Hi princess 🙂 may I step into ur lil world 4 a lil while?
Guy 3: Oh wow! your really sexy, the things we can do together 🙂
Guy 4: you’re getting a spankin!
Guy 5: Hey, how are you? Like my private plane?

So, men in the online dating world take note… New York: 1. LA: 0.

Men of LA, it’s your move.

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  1. Good for your ego, for sure – but never in 300 years would I have thought NYC dating would excite someone 😉 Ohhh I hated every last moment of it for the 9 years I was single in this city. Guys here definitely know what they want – I just think most of them have standards far too high for what they’re offering in return.

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