December Soundtrack to My Life: I Believe (Get Over Yourself) & Shut Up and Dance

So sorry for the lack of posts… my life has been all about work these past few weeks. In fact I saw an astrologer last night who told me the next year is ALL ABOUT WORK and to forget about love completely. Then she told me to get started on my book… WHAT? So, there you go. If you don’t hear from me it’s because I’m working. And not dating. And probably writing a book.

She also told me the new guy I just started dating isn’t the one for me. Fun times. 2015 can’t get here fast enough!

Without further ado, please download these songs, turn up the volume and ROCK THE EFF OUT. If these songs don’t put you in a kick ass mood, I’m not sure what will!

Um, hello? Don’t you want to just start dancing on the corner like a crazy street performer? YES.

Dance it out people. DANCE. IT. OUT.



  1. I tried Tinder and hinge and all I got were some serious dater dudes. Akkh!!! A friend of mine told me about This new dating app. They claim that they “Decoded” the science of destiny with combo of Ayurveda science and AI. Who would believe it?
    They are giving the app for free for first 1000 users. I signed up here : Im gonne be one of them!
    Good Luck Ladies!

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