I Refuse To Believe I’m Undateable – Second City Show Review!

Online dating blows. Lets be real, we’re all looking for love in all the wrong places. Enter LA’s Second City sketch called Undateable and you’ll realize there really is someone for everyone.


Recently a fellow online dating girlfriend and I went to check this show out. What a night!

It went a little something like this:

7pm – Get cute, pick up friend and explain the premise of the show to her on the way there. Every Friday night at 9pm for the last year Second City has been performing their show, Undateable. 38 “Undateable” profiles were placed on OkCupid. The show equals months of research of REAL people talking to FAKE characters. No, it’s not a catfish kinda thing… they have rules (image below). It’s a scientific experiment about the online search for love. Cast: Chris Alvarado, Rob Belushi, Amanda Blake Davis, Kate Duffy, Bob Ladewig, Robyn Norris. MD, Dan Wessels. Director, Frank Caeti. For $12 per ticket it’s a steal.


8:15pm – Get to Hollywood (it’s only 10 miles away). Gotta love LA traffic! Head to the box office where they tell us to come back closer to show time (9pm).

8:20pm – We head across to the street to a little Mexican place and scarf down a basket of chips and shotgun a margarita.

8:45pm – Head back over to Second City where there are now 20 people ahead of us waiting in the lounge and hallway. This was one of my only three gripes of the night (btw, these are super small things!). Movie theaters do it… just give us seat numbers on a first come first serve basis.

9:10 pm – We are finally allowed to enter the theater, but the “good” kids who waited in the lounge like they were told get to go in first. We then head into the theater (yes, I was a bad kid who waited in the hall since the seating in the lounge was limited) where there are a bunch of reserved seats in the middle rows. This is the second gripe of the night… Note, there really is NO bad seat in this theater. It is tiny. But, the fact that they had these seats reserved (no one sat in them!) was super annoying because it left a single next to couples meaning people had to split up. I can honestly say, this is not a show where you want to sit without your friends and hence, look undateable. (I asked on the way out what was up with the reserved seats. The clueless, but sweet interns running the box office told me they were for industry people. Um, isn’t that everyone in LA?)

9:15pm – Show starts. Within 5 minutes my friend and I are in full on hysterics. If you’ve ever online dated… and I mean really online dated, not just put your picture up to see if you get any bites, but actually had conversations with people, this will hit home fast. The 38 undateable profiles they created are hilarious. You can view some of them here (http://www.undateableshow.com/meet-the-fake-undateables/). The girl who is obsessed with cats (meow, meow, purrrr) and the guy who wants to get married now… like yesterday.

Screen shot 2015-02-18 at 3.48.49 PM

Throughout the show, we learn a little about online dating culture (which you all know I know too well!) and see the real life reactions to these profiles. Crazy or not, people are desperate to find love or at least get laid. These fake profiles show a range of ages and interests and are placed all over the U.S. So, it really is showing the landscape of what online dating is like everywhere.

Some fun facts from the show…
Only 32% of first messages get any response. For every message a man gets a woman receives 17.
Haha has a 45% reply rate
LOL has a 41% reply rate
HeHe is also successful, but much less so at 33%.

Some dating stats we learned that night…
Total number of single people in the United States: 54 Million
Total number of people who have used online dating: 40 Million (We know this increases daily)
Online dating is responsible for 280,000 marriages per year.
OkCupid is responsible for 30,000 first dates every single day.

Who knew??

10:00pm – The show then goes into improv mode and the actors pick a single guy and single girl out of the audience making up their OkCupid profile on the fly. They then act out what it would be like if these two new “characters” went on an online date. It’s HILARIOUS! You never know who is going to be in the audience and what kind of couple you’re going to get. If you have the guts, I highly recommend you volunteer for this. It will have you laughing so hard your sides will hurt.

From what they told me after the show, if you do volunteer they will give you a “thanks for playing” pin. My third and last gripe of the night… The pin says “I’m undateable!” Ok, so I’m single, just went to a show about online dating, volunteered to be the single girl/guy in your improv set where you just made fun of me in front of a theater full of people and now you’re telling me I’m undateable? Lemme just write my suicide note while I’m at the theater. If the find a better tagline for the pin I’m sure all of the volunteers would wear it with pride. Maybe, “I’m dateable!”

10:30pm – I walk up and say hello to the cast. They are a great group of people. You can tell they’ve been doing this show for a while and that they’ve seen it all (well, almost all) in the online dating world.

With online dating being so prevalent, I have no idea why this show isn’t playing in every major metropolitan city. It will make you laugh, maybe cry, and will definitely help you see the humor in finding love online. It’s not something for the faint of heart! Angelenos, you can get your tickets here.

And, good news for my friends in Chicago! Undateable has been work-shopped and expanded into #DateMe – An OkCupid Experiment, which is now playing in Chicago at Up Comedy Club as a two act show. They have even partnered with OkCupid to do little single mixers there after the show.

The moral of my night? No one is undateable!


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