Is Love In My Cards?

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be “not right now.” But, there are a lot of amazing things coming my way!

My love life has been on the rocks the last year so I thought it might be a good idea to see if the stars/cards had anything to say about it. Note: I love astrology (get better soon Susan Miller!) and have had several psychic readings. With that being said, I do not sign important documents during retrograde, but I also take everything with a grain of salt. We have this little thing in life called FREE WILL that changes the course of life every minute of every day.

A couple of weeks ago I set up a call with Psychic Source. (I usually see my psychic in Santa Monica, but after she told me LDC was the one I stopped seeing her.) I was a little skeptical of a call-in psychic service, but my experience with Psychic Source was pretty amazing. There was a little emailing back and forth and then I was sent a call-in number for the time that worked for me. At $1 a minute it was much more affordable and easier than seeing someone in person!

I was connected with Seanna. I really liked her from the start. Super easy to talk to and wasn’t fishing for info to lead her in a specific direction. I put my house phone on speakerphone and then recorded the session on the voice memos app on my iPhone.

Seanna started with astrology (so know the exact time and where you were born) and then moved onto tarot cards. Here’s what she had to say about my future (again, this was a few weeks ago):

– Now is the peak time in your life for work. In November the door opened for a new client/opportunity and this will change my life.
– Mid-March will be a challenge time with business partners. There is one client/business relationship that I’ve had for 3 years that I need to let go of now. They are bad for me and will affect future business relationships.
– This work change will be intense and emotional, but now is the time to do it.
– This new opportunity will either have me living in 2 cities or traveling a ton.

– My 5th house of short-term romance is EMPTY.
– Nothing is looking all that promising in my long-term romance chart either until August at the earliest.
– I came off of a horrible relationship last year and I still haven’t recovered from it. Take the time I need to fully be ready to love again. Letting go of this is easier than I am making it.
– Once late summer comes around there will be a businessman who will be a whirlwind romance. Very fast, very furious, but we will have lots of separations that will delay things (most likely one of us traveling). He will have an ex-wife and child. He has a strong D name. (So obviously I’m swiping right to all Daniels, Davids, and Darrens out there.)
– Kids aren’t looking like they are in my future, but if I’m fully committed to having them I need to make it work with focused intention. Having children is not something I can leave to chance. If I do I will get pregnant when I don’t want to be.

A fun fact for us all! March 20 the solar eclipse and super moon is coming! This is a great time to recharge our intentions. An easy way to do this is to get out a blank piece of paper and write down everything you want in life as if you already have it. NOTHING NEGATIVE.

After my reading I asked Seanna if it was okay to ask her a few questions about what it’s like to do psychic readings via chat or a call-in line. She said as a psychic she gets mostly love related questions and people looking to her for guidance in relationships. The number one question she gets is “Does he love me?” Her response? “If you have to ask then probably not!”

You have to be open when working with a psychic. They are not there to do the work for you. Seanna feels it’s her job to give people the tools to be open to a relationship, help them let go of their past issues and be realistic about what is coming. Again, we can change the future if we choose to. Manifestation and intentions are strong when done right!

Seanna said for every call she gets from a guy, she gets another 40 from women. Obviously, right?

She also said that she loves working with the LGBT community, especially those who have recently come out to themselves, friends and loved ones. They are in their truth and ready and open for a reading and then MUCH easier to read!

Her top tips…
1. Don’t ask if your significant other is cheating. Again, if you think they are, they probably are.
2. Don’t ask for lottery numbers or how you’re going to get more money. If psychics could see lottery numbers they would all be rich. And when it comes to money Seanna believes we all need to work for it. (Now you can see why I liked her so much.)
3. Deep down everyone has some psychic ability. Trust your instincts and don’t doubt your intuition. Slow down and listen to your heart.

Want to start the Spring off right? Give Seanna or another psychic at Psychic Source a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. And if your name is Daniel, David, Dean, Darren, and all other strong D names you know where to find me!


  1. I’ve been to a psychic maybe 3-4 times since college, just for the fun of it. Like you, I take most of it with a grain of salt. I do believe that gifted psychics exist, though. Some people meet those truly intuitive ones; others take what they say and try to make it fit, so that it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. There was one psychic I went to 10+ years ago on a recommendation who was insanely accurate about certain aspects of my life, namely my career – those kinds of super specific things she couldn’t possibly know by guesswork. It just took time for all of it to transpire and, as usual, I saw more in hindsight.

    The one thing that always stood out to me was that she said she saw a J in my hand. For a long time, I wondered what that might be in reference to. Again, if I wanted to, I could have dissected it and tried to make it fit somehow. As it turns out, my husband’s last name (and now mine) starts with a J — and it actually didn’t hit me until the first time I signed my new name.

    So the moral of the story: believe in the power of D 😉 xx

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