A Little Update…

As most of you have noticed, I haven’t blogged in some time.  There are a few reasons for that…

1. I’ve had my own company for 7 years. These years were some of the best and worst years of my life. Starting a company in a recession wasn’t easy. My business plan consisted of “don’t get kicked out of your apartment. You’re too old to live with your mom.” Thankfully, my business was successful and every year I grew professionally and personally. At the beginning of 2015 a job offer landed in my lap that was too good to pass up. I now have a dream job that I know will and has already started to change every aspect of my life. From traveling the globe, to the people I will meet and the new things I will get to experience, the sky’s the limit. The other thing… while I loved being my own boss, the stress of owning your own company is hard. Now, having a team of creative people around me all the time I’m energized, excited and challenged to be a better me. This new job means new hours… I’m a different busy than I used to be!

2. Dating is HARD. Living in a real life “there’s always something better out there” is taking its toll on me emotionally. Back in the day when you found someone who was great, you didn’t have the chance to flip through several apps to see what else was out there. So, right now you might be dating someone who is pretty ok, but log into Tinder to see a hot guy that you just matched with. In that instant you wonder… is this hot guy as good as he seems on paper? Then you’re questioning the pretty good relationship you’re currently in. It’s exhausting!

People (friends, therapists, strangers) have been telling me for a while that this blog might be sending the wrong message out into the universe. Well, I don’t want that! Am I attracting crazies and bad dates just so I have something to write about? Maybe. (BW, I’m talking to you!)

3. The blogging world is bizarre. When I started this blog it was supposed to be a creative outlet where I could share my thoughts and stories about my crazy dating life. A place where I could commiserate with other online daters out there and know that I wasn’t alone. Now it feels more like something I have to do, not necessarily want to do. This is the reason I have never added advertising to my site or taken payment for a post. I have always wanted this to be something that represented me, not companies paying me to write something. The very few posts I have about brands or experiences are things I genuinely like and want to share with the world. Now, I’m getting pitched new things daily and being asked my unique visitors and page views… ewww. I don’t want to be in “that” blogging world. I want to be in the one where I can share my point of view and have a discussion. From the beginning I wanted to share my dating stories so I and other people like me knew that we weren’t the only ones in this crazy online dating world. For that, I’ll be forever grateful. The friends I have made thru this blog and social media (mainly Twitter) have become a very important part of my life.

4. People can be assholes. While I don’t expect everyone to like me or what I have to say, this is MY blog. It’s MY opinion and these are MY stories. Just the other day someone commented on my oh so controversial “Married Men on Tinder” post and called me a judgmental bitch. While I appreciate this obviously, super nice guy for reading, there have been a few of these assholes who don’t understand what my blog is all about. I don’t take these comments too seriously, but they are definitely frustrating.

So, while I’m not completely “closing up shop” I’m also not going to make a huge effort to post. I will continue to be active on Twitter (@Mylifeonmatch), but don’t expect me to post here too often. If something life shattering happens (like I get engaged or run into another sociopathic boyfriend) I’ll definitely update. So, I would reco you subscribe on the sidebar so you can see immediately when I post something new.

A few updates for you in the meantime…
1. I’m still friends with A & B. I’ve been to NY a few times over the last few months and we’ve had dinner each time I’ve been in town. They are amazing women and I hope they both find exactly what they’re looking for. None of us have been in touch with LDC, but I’d still like to ruin his life while protecting future women (and maybe men?) from his insanity. If you have any ideas, let me know!

2. I haven’t been on any fun dates lately. I’m currently dating a little thing called WORK. I love my new job and know that once I get in a good place dating will become a little easier.

3. I’m still not planning on freezing my eggs, highly recommend mirena to everyone (I got it last year and think it’s the best BC in the world) and still LOVE The Lucky Bloke and all of their amazing offerings.

4. I’m currently watching and tweeting about The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn is so annoying, but I have to give the girl credit for getting down and playing by her own rules. I will be tweeting about Bachelor in Paradise too because that show is like a train wreck I can’t look away from. And are any of you watching UnReal? HOLY SHIT!

5. For all of you that love the soundtrack to my life, below is my current playlist. If you happen to get a glance of me while I’m signing Fight Song at the top of my lungs in my car, LUCKY YOU.

Bright – Echosmith
Nothing Without Love – Nate Ruess
Dear Future Husband – Meghan Trainor
Photograph – Ed Sheerna
Renegades – X Ambassadors
Loving You Easy – Zac Brown Band
Love Me Like You Mean It – Kelsea Ballerini
My Mistake – Cam
Halleljuah – Panic at the Disco
Ceclilia & The Satellite – Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness
Never Gonna Let You Down – Colbie Caillat
Rule the World – Walk Off The Earth
Crave – Parachute
Hideaway – Daya
I’m Good – Mowgli’s

So, there you have it. My update. Lemme know what you think and thank you for all of your support, your comments, your feedback and your unconditional love (even those who have been judgey assholes). I appreciate all of you more than I can say. See you on Twitter and maybe here again… we’ll see what happens. xoxo


  1. Allow me to start the comments going with: You are awesome 🙂

    I was a dating fiend back when I was single. No, I wasn’t leading anyone on … but I dated a lot, mostly “one and done.” When I met them face to face I decided that they weren’t for me for one reason or another.

    That said, I did (in my head) institute a rule about using dating sites past a certain point. If I had three dates with a woman and was interested in a fourth I stopped reviewing dating sites or dating other people until it either worked out or blew up in my face. My thought was that there’s always going to be someone out there who is smarter, hotter, lives closer, is cooler than the woman I’m dating. It doesn’t mean that they’re BETTER than the woman I’m dating, I would just be fixating on possibly the only thing that the new woman had that the current woman I’m dating had. And that ends up with a high on your first date until you realized that you tossed away a whole lot of awesome to get that one better trait.

    I didn’t start having “exclusivity” conversations or anything like that. Just at the end of the third date I would put all of my attention into that one person and not go out with anyone else or view dating sites.

    It worked for me — but it’s not for everyone.

    And I won’t speak for the rest of your readers… but I am really excited for that day when you post that you’ve met the most amazing guy ever. (My wife might disagree with you … but we’ll both be very very happy for you.)

  2. Hello, first time reader and came across your site doing research. I can only imagine the unprovoked responses and stress that having a blog would generate. At least you made it through this season in life with a refreshed zeal for what you do. Congrats moving forward

  3. Just finished your April 13 blog and found it an intritguing read. So much so, I may have some catching up with what looks like some funny and not so funny dates. Happy to have found something worth while. Hope you will write more often then what was written.

    1. Thank you! Actually, just logged in for the first time in about a year and have a few things I’ll be writing about soon. Just trying to go through the hundreds of comments. While I haven’t been busy on here, others have been!

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