March Soundtrack! Only One and FourFiveSeconds

Ok, so I’m torn… I can’t stand Kanye, but I also can’t deny that every time one of his new songs come on I perk up, turn the radio up and sing along. And, who doesn’t love Gold Digger? So, this month I bring you songs I love from someone I don’t. It happens. I do however love Paul McCartney and Rhianna, so there’s that! Btw, can someone please tell me what that woman is yelling about when Kanye is singing?? Happy March people! For those of you anywhere but LA I hope Spring is coming soon!

February Soundtrack – Love Songs and Songs to Love

It’s the month of love and national Single’s Day! My gift to you are a few tunes I’m loving right now. Loving this song and can’t wait to see 50 Shades of Grey this weekend! Perfect for getting busy… with someone or solo! I’m obsessed with this guy… I hope 2015 is the year of James Bay. Honorable mention this month goes to this GORGEOUS love song by Ella Henderson… “I feel like I’m ready for love…” Some others I’m loving: Home/Dirty Paws by the Gardiner Sisters I See Fire by Ed Sheeran Wild Ones by Bahari My sexy time …

New Year, New Soundtrack… And Up We Go!

New year, new soundtrack… music is what I turn to when I want to dance, cry, scream, chill, clean, make-out or just drive.  Here are a few new jams to get your year started right. WORD. Something is got to give Everyone here is ready to go It’s been a hard year with nothing to show From down this road It’s only on we go, on we go Everyone here is ready to go It’s been a hard year, and I only know From down this low It’s only up we go, up we go And who doesn’t love cut …

December Soundtrack to My Life: I Believe (Get Over Yourself) & Shut Up and Dance

So sorry for the lack of posts… my life has been all about work these past few weeks. In fact I saw an astrologer last night who told me the next year is ALL ABOUT WORK and to forget about love completely. Then she told me to get started on my book… WHAT? So, there you go. If you don’t hear from me it’s because I’m working. And not dating. And probably writing a book. She also told me the new guy I just started dating isn’t the one for me. Fun times. 2015 can’t get here fast enough! Without …

November Soundtrack to My Life: Flaws, All Right, & Take Me To Church

Work has seriously taken over my life, so I apologize for the lack of updates! But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a soundtrack I’m currently rockin’. Obsessed with this song! Zac Brown Band and Dave Grohl? Ah-mazing. If you aren’t familiar with Hozier yet, get out from under the rock you’re living and take a listen. Working on a bunch of blogs! Hope to post again Friday. Happy November peeps! xoxo

Soundtrack To My Life (September) – Bad Girl Phase & Young Volcanoes

I recently turned 35 (gasp!). A new age bracket, a grey hair or two (that I will color until I die!), and some new smile lines that show how much I have enjoyed and lived life. Keep in mind, moisturizer, working out, and wine are my fountain of youth and according to most I still look 28! But no matter what is happening in my life music gets me through it all. Right now I can’t stop listening to this song… a bad girl phase is coming on! Good girls say no, bad girls say I’m there. Good girls go …

Soundtrack To My Life… Done, 15 Minutes of Shame, Be My Forever

It’s August and I’m getting all of my ex-bf angst out of the way!  A couple of songs I’m loving right now… We are Done by the Madden Brothers. I adore them both. Yeah, this blog is about you… 15 Minutes of Shame by Kristy Lee Cook (an oldie, but goodie!) Best lyrics ever? Um, yes. Yeah, this song is about you I’m giving you more than fair warnin’ right now on your radio Everybody’s gonna hear all the things that you did That you don’t want the world to know I’m spillin’ the beans, I’m shouttin’ it out Yeah, …

Soundtrack to My Life – July! You’ll Be Okay, Bartender & Problem

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and been reading my blog, you know that the last month has been a doozy (I partly blame Mercury being in retrograde!) Music is really the only thing getting me through. I’ve been rockin’ everything from slow lyrical songs to country drinking songs to songs you should be spinning too and they have ALL helped. I’ve probably listened to this song 50 times in the last week. It’s been a lifesaver and a great reminder that I’m going to get over this bullshit and be okay. You know how I keep saying I’m …

June Soundtrack to My Life! Simple Things, Believer, & Say it, Just Say it

I am SO sorry for the lack of blogging.  I was in early relationship bliss and then things got complicated and busy… now I’ve just been listening to music and contemplating my life on a hourly basis.  Without further ado, this is what I’m jamming to this month.  I’ve got three ditties for you… lemme know what you think!  They all represent how I’m feeling right now – hence the soundtrack to my life. This song is everything to me right now. My pick me up… Just Say it. IT. Working on a few blogs now about life, lube, and …

May Soundtrack to My Life! 6’2 and I Wanna Get Better

What? It’s already May? How the hell did that happen? Two songs for you this month that I’m loving. 6’2 by Marie Miller – single ladies, this song is for you.  I LOVE IT. I Wanna Get Better by the Bleachers is my current jam.  Great driving song and I love the video! Happy May! (New blogs coming soon! Sorry for the delay!)

Soundtrack to My Life: Not a Bad Thing & Sleeping With a Friend

Spring is almost here! When the sun comes out, the skin does too… I remember being in college and one of my guy friends told me that Spring semester was the best time of the year because all of the girls looked “hot” again.  So, get a spray tan, throw on a maxi or board shorts and some flip flops start flirting! Two songs I’m loving right now… Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake Sleeping with a Friend by Neon Trees Happy Spring!

Soundtrack to My Life – All The Way, Be Okay

After Mercury being in retrograde all last month, I feel like we all need a pick-me-up.  Here are a couple of songs I’m loving right now. All The Way by Timeflies Be Okay by Oh Honey Get in the car, put the windows down and rock out. Spring is almost here (and never really left LA!).