Soundtrack to my life… January 2013! Happy New Year!

Better late than never!  I know this first song is old and reminds everyone of The Hills, but I’ve randomly heard it 5 times in the last week… in the car, on my iPod on shuffle (I have THOUSANDS of songs!), in the grocery store and even at the nail salon.  I figured it was finding me before I could find it.  I love the lyrics and think it is very appropriate to kick a year off with.  Happy 2013 peeps. And yes… the song makes me want to have sex in my car too.

December – Anything Could Happen (Soundtrack to my life)

Wait… it’s December?  How the hell did a whole year go by and I’m still SINGLE?  Ah, such is life and I will continue trudging on until I find him.  But, seriously… where is he? The soundtrack of my life has been fun to chronicle this year and is something I plan to keep doing in 2013.  So, this month without further ado, I bring you the two songs I currently have on repeat. Yup… Anything CAN Happen! If you like P!nk, her new album is INSANE.  Download this and Walk of Shame NOW. AND… for those of you that …

November Soundtrack – Shine on & Just Be! (Election, Sandy, and a date with my ex)

First, lets all recognize that it’s Election Day in the U.S.  It is a privilege and a right to vote, so please use it and make your voice heard.  Also, remember that change starts small… so don’t ignore all of those propositions, measures, and positions that are important to where you live. Second, I want to send love, strength, and prayers to the people of the east coast who were recently hit by hurricane Sandy.  Everyone can help by making donations to the Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999. $10 will automatically be added onto your bill.  If you’re …

October Soundtrack – Feel Again & Die Young

Usually I post songs that have some sort of significance to something going on in my life… Not these.  These songs I just like. When I hear this song (Feel Again by One Republic) I want to dance around my apt in my underwear. This song (Die Young by Ke$ha) makes me want to GO OUT! Rock on with your bad self this month. It’s October… time is flying by.